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About Us

man standing posing at fence

Baton Rouge Fence Company is simply dedicated to providing the right fence your property. We know that when you are looking to have a new fence installed, you always have specific aims or needs. You might be looking for a fence that can block wind and street noise, want something that’s aesthetically pleasing that increases the curb appeal of your home or your primary concern could well be safety and security. We are the fence builders that take all of your aims into consideration, along with other important factors, to provide a fence for your property that’s just the right fit. With a service that also provides quality results, there’s no where else that you need to look when you want a new fence. Our services are perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial properties. So, no matter the property, we are the fencing company that can provide what you are after.

Our service focuses on providing the right fence to match your property. Whether your ultimate concern is the safety and security of your children and pets at home or you are looking for a way to increase security around your business, we can design and install the fence that you need. Our team specialises in wood, vinyl, chain and metal fencing as well as a range of gate and openers, including automatic gate operators. Our quality fences are designed to last and provide your property with the privacy, protection and curb appeal that you are looking for.

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